Junior NTR’s Jai Lava Kusa Gross Income



Young Tollywood Junior NTR Tiger Captivated Audiences With Triple Role In Dasara Outing Jai Lava Kusa. It was a hit hit and until recently it was seen in theaters.

Business analysts reported the activity of Jai Lava Kusa gross income at state, national and global level.

In Nizam area he collected Rs 16 crore, Vizag Rs 7 crore, East Rs 5.57 crore, West Rs 3.74 crore, Krishna Rs 4.96 crore and in Nellore he collected Rs 2.54 crore .

In Andhra Pradesh Jai Lava Kusa got 29.73 shares of Rs crore while in the ceded area he collected 12.04 shares of Rs crore. The total business in Nizam and Andhra is Rs 93.15 crore, of which gross income Rs 57.79 crore are shares.

In Karnataka Jai Lava Kusa did business of Rs 15 crore gross with a share of Rs 7.48 crore. In the American collection, Rs 10.20 crore was gross and Rs. 5.10 crore was the share.

In Tamil Nadu the film made a deal of Rs 1.30 crore and in other parts of the country, Rs 1.15 crore. He collected 2.52 crore rupees in countries other than the United States. Worldwide Jai Lava Kusa had a gross of Rs 130.9 crore with a share of Rs 75.34 crore.

The commercial value of the film was Rs 86 crore and it fetched Rs 87.6 percent. NTR made a story in the south with three hat trick movies grossing $ 1.5 million.

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