A first for our Shopping Pools: Lab7 Pool signs a partnership with JEXchange | by Fareem | ZoidPay | May 2022


In what is a first among our Shopping Pools, Pool Lab7 has entered into a partnership with JEXchange, a peer-to-peer decentralized exchange built on Elrond Network. This is a massive stepping stone for commercial pools, underscoring the breadth of what it means to own one. We are excited to showcase such an innovation emerging from the ZoidPay ecosystem and expect this to be the first of many. The rise of Web 3.0 digital banking is happening here and now!

Please note that this partnership is made in its entirety between Pool Lab7 and JEXchange. ZoidPay has at no time acted as an intermediary. We are thrilled and happy to present these SPO moves to highlight the reach of Shopping Pools.

Deepen the partnership, Lab7 Cacal owner, which goes through the initial Vsaid, “As our journey with ZoidPay is just beginning, we are always looking for ways to help the team and the community grow and be inspired. I think the concept of Shopping Pools is unlike any other in the crypto and blockchain space. There are so many things that can be done in this space. I believe that partnering with JEX can break the concept of traditional staking in order to support the community, be creative while doing it and also be a model for other trading pools to replicate.

With this partnership, users would have the possibility ability to stake ZPAY directly from JEXchange.

Staking ZPAY in a Shopping Pool has many advantages, in addition to an APY of up to 12%. Here are some of the user benefits resulting from this partnership,

  • Easy access to ZoidPay’s staking interface directly in the Stake tab on JEXchange
  • Stake directly into the Lab7 ZPAY purchasing pool

For a full list of the benefits of staking ZPAY in a Shopping Pool, see the table below 👇

And, as V says, “More surprises to come. So stay tuned.

Keep up to date with the latest from Lab7 here.

As part of the partnership, JEXchange would stake the ZPAY of their JEX treasury.

“Building strong relationships is very important for the sustainability of all projects and the entire ecosystem of Elrond. JEXchange is pleased to partner with Lab7 ZPAY Pool, enabling its users to access the next generation of Web3 financial services,” says Javier, founder of JEXchange.

Going forward, a broader level partnership is envisioned in the coming months that expands offerings to stakeholders with the easy availability of DeFi modules, including exclusive financial services such as loans and buy-it-now modules and pay later (BNPL) which can be contracted in the pool based on ZoidPay SDK/API.

Develop the partnership, Eduard Oneci, CEO and co-founder of ZoidPay, said “It’s great, and it’s exactly how we envisioned the Shopping Pools business model. Shopping Pools are at the heart of the ZoidPay ecosystem and they hold the key to delivering the web 3.0 financial services we We are preparing to roll out in the coming months.A decision like this underscores the scope of owning a trading pool and is the cornerstone of what makes the CryptoPreneur.

About ZoidPay: ZoidPay is a crypto liquidity platform enabling instant card
issuance for purchases from any merchant at the lowest fees. ZoidPay was established in Cyprus in May 2018 as a blockchain company focused on making crypto payments easier for everyone, driving the adoption of Web 3.0 financial services.

ZoidPay allows,
Users: Buy anything from anywhere with crypto
Developers: Build web 3.0 financial services on top of instant, interoperable cross-chain liquidity with our APIs and SDKs.
Blockchains, exchanges and wallets: Integrate crypto-liquidity with a single line of code

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