Loans with collateral

If you need to borrow a larger amount of money and have assets such as real estate, securities or a car, you can apply for it to borrow money with collateral. To borrow money with collateral means that the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you have given as collateral to the bank or the loan provider if they can show that you cannot repay the borrowed money.

The bank or loan provider can then sell assets to get back the money they have fixed

The bank or loan provider can then sell assets to get back the money they have fixed

It is therefore important that you specify which collateral can be sold if necessary. Do you have any assets that you can borrow money to sometimes act as collateral? For example, if you borrow money for a car, you can set the car as collateral.

In order to use our resources as collateral when borrowing money Resources must cover all or part of the borrowed sum. You do not need to be able to determine if the assets cover the amount you want to borrow. Such questions can help you with the bank. All you have to do is apply for a loan with security and list their resources you have. Then it is up to the bank to decide whether you are eligible for a loan, with or without security.

Repayment is not predetermined

Repayment is not predetermined

An advantage of borrowing money with collateral unlike other loans is that the remaining maturity can often be determined individually. Repayment is not predetermined but can be discussed between the bank/lender and borrower. If you have taken out a loan with collateral, there are at least two ways to repay the loan: with a direct repayment of direct payment or social security.

Write-downs mean that the cost of the loan is gradually reduced as the loan is paid off. That is, the less the loan is the less interest you pay. Annuity means that the cost of the loan is the same for each payment. This means that in parallel with the interest rate, the loan is paid off, instead interest rates increase by the same amount. If you want to be granted a guaranteed loan there is a good chance that you will have the opportunity to get a better interest rate on the loan than if you have no assets. Therefore, it may be worth reflecting an extra time on how assets look before applying for a loan.

In addition to real estate, securities, cars and other assets, the guarantor is also guaranteed as a loan.

A guarantor is a person who assumes financial responsibility when you borrow money

A guarantor is a person who assumes financial responsibility when you borrow money

If you can not repay the loan repayment obligation falls on the guarantor. Finding a person who is willing to be a guarantor can be difficult. Being a guarantor is a great obligation and requires a hefty profit.

Do you have access to a guarantor who can secure your loan however much easier for you to borrow money? If the bank or credit company is confident that they will get their money back, they will be more willing to approve a loan. A guaranteed loan has increased its security and therefore your chance to borrow money.


Loans and repayments of debt

You could say that it is pointless to use a savings form that gives a lower expected return than what you pay on the loan. Many experts would say that debt repayment is the safest form of savings. And this is very true. Because you have to remember that the interest rate you save will be higher than the one you can earn on deposit accounts. Therefore, your existing loans will thus limit which investments are relevant.

Here is a good tip:

money loan

You should always compare with the most expensive loan you have. A car loan is normally more expensive than a mortgage and must be repaid in full before it pays to pay a penny in installments on the mortgage.

The repayment must be greater than the fall in value of the object it is financing. When it comes to mortgages, this is fine, because prices will rise over time. Still, a car loan looks different. Simply because the car falls sharply in value every year, depending on the price. If the impairment is NOK 30,000, you must at least repay a loan with a larger amount than this in order for it to be counted as savings.

A key point when it comes to your mortgage is that the cheapest loans are within 60% of the home loan rate (equivalent to 50% of the value of the loan). Loans that are within 80% of the loan rate have an average interest rate that is 0.5% higher than within 60%. This difference does not seem that big. But here we have to look at the marginal interest rate you pay, namely four percentage points higher interest rate on the part of the loan that exceeds 60% of the loan rate.

It is common for repayment of loans to count as savings

money cash

The consequence of this is that the expected return on equity funds is well below what you pay marginally on the mortgage. It is only when you have reached 60% of the loan rate that you can expect the long-term return on equities and mutual funds to exceed the interest rate.

As mentioned initially, debt repayment is the safest form of savings. Don’t forget this. You can safely expect that the cheapest loans, with collateral within 50% of the turnover value, will be approx. 0.75% over the best high-interest accounts. There are major differences between banks in this particular area. There are many loans with very good collateral, which are far above this. Among other things, it is wise to know that small loans are often priced much higher at many banks.

About Social Security Loan

Security insurances of the kind you get from the electricity chains when you buy mobile or you can drop. The Consumer Council has also advised against such. If you buy a TV, you are often offered insurance in the same vein; it should give you new if anything should happen to it.

But in many cases, you are covered by either the home insurance

money cash

For example, in a lightning strike or by the Consumer Purchase Act if the appliance stops working. You are entitled to get a new item or free repair if the product stops working within five years well to notice if it is not your fault and it is a product that is meant to last for so long. Such small insurances are also disproportionately expensive, are often based on foreign conditions and trigger a large form of accident should the accident occur.

It is often difficult to compare the price of insurance products because they are different in composition. Make it a habit Check to see if you can get a better deal on, for example, the car insurance or the home insurance before each major lapse (that’s only when you can change company).

Also, do not accept higher interest rates!

Also, do not accept higher interest rates!

Norwegian insurance companies do not disclose how much the price goes up as banks must, in interest rate changes, they only send out a new giro, so you have to check against the old how much money has gone up. There is a cohabitant who, in principle, does not have an inheritance to be favored, this must be specifically agreed.

There are many different products and solutions when it comes to both debt and more traditional life insurance. Ask for offers from several insurance companies if you are looking for an individual deal. Prices vary, the products and their names likewise. But the insurance companies have a lot of good consulting expertise.

Fast payday loans without employer certification

Need fast payday loans without an employer certification ? You tried the bank but couldn’t help. This is a situation known to many. Many, of course, have tried banks, but they do not have easy business cooperation, so they cannot get a loan – because they cannot get a permanent employment contract from an employer.

Instead, they are constantly being extended a fixed-term contract, working part-time, doing more jobs as payrollers, which is commonplace today, or being employed through a work contract and the like. And unfortunately, when they need financial help, no one can vouch for them.

Legal and transparent quick loans without employer certification 


Although in recent years thousands of people lost their jobs and continued to work on some of these contracts – perhaps even because they had no choice, thus allowing the employer to pay them all or part of their salary on their hands – the banks did not stop insisting on their terms. For this reason, fast payday loans were created without an employer certification.

It is difficult, therefore, to blame someone nowadays who earns his salary for the fact that his employer saves on him and does not give him an indefinite contract; to avoid having to pay contributions and taxes. However, it is precisely such employers that have driven these people into credit – someone who may earn three times the amount reported on a permanent basis should not lose their right to credit services. As well as anyone who works several jobs in a day and is paid for by performance – this should not be a reason to force him into debt.

Quick loans without employer certification are on the market

Quick loans without employer certification are on the market

That is why other financial institutions, such as credit companies, give their clients quick loans without an employer certification, and these are loans that are paid into the client’s current account in less than an hour. All a lender requires from a client is an ID, an unblocked current account of any bank, and a statement of income. Such loans guarantee a secure payment and the possibility of repayment according to the agreed interest and time period – everything is legal and transparent, but also agreed in advance – and since you can make the loan online through the website, you will immediately see all the necessary conditions.

Nowadays, fast payday loans without employer certification can also be requested via SMS. SMS loans and loans are a very simple form of loan application and solicitation, which is increasingly in demand today. While it may seem unbelievable, some lending companies do not look at whether you have an indefinite employment contract, it is only important that you receive your money on a month-to-month basis and that you have an unblocked checking account. In addition to quick loans without an employer certification, loans of up to HRK 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 and similar financing services can be found on the market.

Fast payday loans without employer certification when you need money urgently


People looking for quick loans without an employer certification are looking for companies through which they can get money fast because they usually need cash urgently. However, some still do not know that it is even possible to get a quick loan without an employer certification online or sms service in such a short time, or they think it will be an additional expense.

But all those who have already used the services of a loan company to get a quick loan without an employer certification online, know that this requirement does not make it difficult for them to obtain a loan, indeed. Fast online lending actually facilitates the process of getting a loan because the advantage of the internet is that it saves clients time and money.

Consumable loans without collateral during the day

The great benefit of online loans is simply how fast the process takes place.

If you have bad money and need a cheap loan on the internet? 

If you have bad money and need a cheap loan on the internet? 

You do not have to wait long for your loan application to be settled and you can get answers within a few hours. For many, this is the perfect solution, since one does not want to sit down and explain to the bank advisor in the bank.

Guide with some good tips and advice on unsecured consumer loans

unsecured consumer loans

Good consumer loans can be found everywhere. If you or your family are in a situation where you have no choice but to borrow money quickly and easily, consumer loans from Real are an obvious good solution.

Several tricky tips on unsecured consumer loans are now analyzed below. Remember that while you can currently get a very low interest rate on the loan, it is not a good idea to take out a consumer loan without collateral to release another debt, because it is a bad loan circle.

If this is your situation, you should rather go down to have a longer conversation with your bank. Initially, consumer loans and consumer loans are intended for buyers who can’t wait to get a new plasma TV or a new motorcycle.

A common alternative to the consumer loan is micro loans

unsecured consumer loans

Micro loans are a great opportunity for anyone who needs cash very quickly, and here it is Folk who is the big company on these types of loans. With a micro loan from Folk you can borrow money from NOK 1000 and up.

You should not get a loan that runs longer than the life of the thing you buy. Because several loan providers and companies advertise with credit, with repayments that will last for many years.

With great luck it has undoubtedly become significantly beneficial and safe to get loans on the web today, if you stick to serious companies of course.

Two highly recommended companies are Real and Folk, which is one of the most well-known and recommended, and we expect everyone to be happy with these two and what they offer. Apply today and get a consumer loan with no security on the day!

Loans with floating or variable interest rates

Floating or floating rate: A variable speed is a speed that moves up and down with general market trends. This set of loans and deposits usually either on the 3rd, 6th or 12 months or up to every 10 years. Loans with variable interest rates are also called an adjustment, because the interest rates are adjusted regularly. Floating rate loans:

Benefits of floating interest rates:

money cash

Typically, you will have a lower interest rate on the loan than with a fixed rate loan, and therefore, lower performance. When interest rates fall, the service automatically reflects this. The lower the interest rate means that people are beginning to repay relatively more on the loan compared to a similar loan with the same maturity and with a (higher) fixed rate.

Variable interest rate risk:

The interest rate on a variable rate loan is adjusted regularly and there is no upper or lower limit. This means that it depends entirely on the market and there can be uncertainty in it. To minimize the risk of rising interest rates, there are various products with interest rates so that the interest rate can never be higher than the ceiling agreed with the bank or mortgage institution.


money coins

You can choose partial interest loans, so that only parts of the loan are adjusted at each maturity.


The starting point is a loan with an interest rate before maturity of 4%, and the market is at 5% of the adjustment time. In an adjustment to full maturity each year (so-called F1 loans), the loan becomes interest rate in the coming years, at 5%. On an adjustment loan with a 30% partial interest rate adjustment each year (a so-called P30 loan), the interest rate for the coming year is 4.3% (0.30 * 5% + 0.70 * 4%).

If we change the premise from renting a home to owning a home, the result would be somewhat different. The status after the end of the debt settlement period would then be a mortgage at the equivalent of the value the home was valued at the beginning of the debt settlement period.